Welcome to West Valley
Housing Authority

Our agency serves Polk County citizens by providing housing for those in need and to encourage their progress toward self-sufficiency. WVHA Office

West Valley Housing Authority has been serving the Polk County community providing safe affordable housing for those in need since its first property, Pioneer Village, was built for the elderly and disabled in West Salem in 1967 and 1968.

The people who directly benefit from West Valley Housing Authority programs are a reflection of the residents of Polk County. They are elderly persons living on limited income; they are disabled individuals with special challenges; they are the working poor and the single parent; they are our neighbors and friends.

Our local economy benefits as West Valley Housing Authority brings over $6 million into Polk County annually in the form of payments made to landlords, vendors, contractors, and wages paid to employees. The programs assist the elderly, the disabled, and the families to retain more discretionary income to spend at local stores and in local service businesses.

Children achieve more in school when they have a secure home in a friendly neighborhood. West Valley Housing Authority properties enhance the entire community.

It is our goal to provide opportunities for low-income individuals and families in Polk County to have access to safe and decent affordable housing. We know that the elderly and/or disabled individuals and the families who receive timely help with housing are encouraged in their efforts toward stability, self-sufficiency, and self-respect.

Once housing needs are met, they can better channel their energies toward maintaining good health, obtaining adequate childcare, successfully completing job training or education, and make progress toward economic independence. Our housing opportunities and services are often the catalyst in helping people change their lives for the better.